General Economics, esp. (monetary) Macroeconomics (Prof. Dr. Robert L. Czudaj)

For questions please contact Prof. Czudaj by mail at

Christian Rasquin: +49 3731 39-2755
Niklas Lehmann: +49 3731 39-2938
Bich Ngoc Nguyen: +49 3731 39-3251
Secretary´s office: +49 3731 39 4082

Modules in summer semester 2023:
Geld und Währung (Bachelor)
Makroökonomik (Bachelor)
Einführung in die Ökonometrie (Bachelor)
Seminar/ Proseminar Monetäre Makroökonomik (Bachelor/ Master)

We will publish the dates for the summer semester 2023 on our homepage as soon as we know them exactly. Please inform yourself constantly.

The dates will also be published in OPAL.